At Kratom King, connoisseurs appreciate 100% exclusive Kratom powder and capsules. We tirelessly work directly with our processors and growers to provide the most reliable and unique products. Kratom King is not a prepackaged reseller. Our products are offered exclusively at our brick-and-mortar stores in Longview and Tyler, Texas.


Bali P/C - Blend
Green Malay
Green Vietnam
Trainwreck - Blend - VERY Strong
King Rush - Blend - Fan Favorite
Exotic - Blend - Strong


White Borneo
White Dragon
Hydro - Fan Favorite
White Sumatra - Most Energetic


Yellow Borneo
Yellow Gold
Chocolate Borneo
Dark Brown Bantuagie
Rare Hulu
Gold Reserve - Fan Favorite
Cloud 9


Black OPM - Blend - Strong


Ultra Red Indo
Red Thai
Red Maeng Da
Red Dragon
Red Horned Menyala - Fan Favorite

Products provided only to cities and states where legal.