From the Desk of the Kratom King

From the Desk of the Kratom King

Hello Kratom King Family,
Upon beginning this endeavor, we had a decision to make, be the biggest supplier or be the BEST. After a few short months of opening, we saw an underserved niche in the industry, a higher quality product with the knowledge and passion for Kratom. It was then we decided on being the best instead of the largest and boy, are we glad we DID!

We fully understand that there are suppliers out there in our communities and hundreds of National and International online vendors from which to choose, however, we found no one to have the quality of products that we wanted to offer our customers when it comes to Kratom. Our strains are carefully curated from vendors that are not local and have agreed to exclusive contracts with only us! As you know, Exclusivity is important because you are getting a superior, safe, lab-tested, CONSISTENT product day in and day out. We understand our pricing may be different than some vendors that sell mixed, blended, even adulterated or simply lesser quality products, some of which contain alternative cuts of the leaf, stems and other organic (even non-organic) elements to make a larger profit. Look up Combretum quadrangulare, that is all we will say about that. We simply are not motivated by that approach.

With that being said, our products are not the same as any other Kratom products currently sold in the industry, even with the same name! It is because I named them myself! I tested and named them based on where they grow, how the leaves are dried and the colors for which they come. If you do find a product online with the same name i.e. "Gold Reserve, King Rush," We GUARANTEE that IT IS NOT our product, unless, it is our Kratom King brand and on our OWN website As of now, we do NOT distribute our Kratom to ANY other Suppliers and/or websites! Just keep that in mind.

We focus on the BEST supreme nano-kratom that is refined and lab reported safe with the HIGHEST alkaloid levels possible. We will continue to offer our best to the public with an unmatched in-store buying experience.

We love you; we care about you and appreciate each and every one of you!

Kratom King

Meet David Shelton, the NEW King of Kratom!

The blessed father of two beautiful kids and husband to the Kratom Queen, David Shelton came from humble beginnings. Despite early exposure to the effects drug addiction had on his family and friends, he never imagined his own personal entanglement with drug abuse.

But it happened.

After finishing college, David was poised for a promising career in Business and Entrepreneurship. An unexpected back injury led him to a doctor’s office…a doctor who prescribed narcotics for pain relief. Before long, he was progressively taking more to get relief. “The pills helped, but I felt myself getting sucked into the dark and lonely world of addiction.” In desperation, he decided to take control and get on a stronger narcotic that, ironically, was supposed to help ween people off heavy narcotics. “It didn’t help me. It hurt more than it ever helped, and after months of the maintenance program my body started to revolt. I almost died.”

One fateful day, David reached an epiphany: this was not him, and he was meant to tell his story to help others, not wait for someone else to tell his story as a funeral eulogy. He stopped the prescription narcotic “cold-turkey” (which he does not recommend at all) and eventually found himself – by God’s grace and mercy – clean and sober.

This epiphany also set him on a path to look at natural alternatives. A naturally avid learner, he feverishly began to educate himself about God’s various creations in terms of flora. He remembered Genesis 1:9, where God told Adam, "See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; they shall be yours for food.” He also investigated other naturopathic and holistic wellness avenues, such as chiropractic and bodybuilding, to achieve overall strength and health. It is during this period of exploration that he learned of the Kratom leaf, which he extensively studied and began ordering online. “Back then, there were only a few underground websites selling this leaf of which they really didn’t know about themselves. The onus was on me to learn. It was a risk, especially in 2008, when there were minimal studies and outdated education.”

For over a decade, David studied, purchased, and experimented with different Kratom strains and Kratom-related products. He also began forming associations and relationships with quality vendors that strictly followed GMP guidelines, and that “treated this natural leaf in the same manner and with the same standards that the industry treats supplements at your local supermarket.” After reviewing the myriad of rumored assumptions and misinformed opinions that had flooded the internet for years, he decided he needed to share his knowledge by standing as a vocal advocate for Kratom. David currently serves as a consultant for the Texas Hemp Growers Association and has spoken to legislators in Austin about the efficacy of Kratom and why it should not be banned or labeled illegal. In early October 2020, he was appointed as District 1 Captain for the Texas Kratom Consumer Council, a legislative advocacy arm of the American Kratom Association. “I feel like Kratom should eventually be into an elevated category of a therapeutic, overall health supplement much like CBD.”

Kratom falls into the Rubiaceae family of plants – the same as your daily fresh cup of coffee – and current studies are finding Kratom useful for overall well-being. “I’ve learned for me the benefits far outweigh alternatives.”

David opened his first Kratom King location in Longview, Texas in September 2019 and his second location in Tyler, Texas only a few short months later. With burgeoning demand for the highest quality Kratom and Kratom products found anywhere, along with his extensive knowledge and five-star-rated personal attention to his customer base, David has already begun to plan for other Kratom King locations around Texas.

“The Kratom plant merits an exclusive platform and deserves to be respected and further researched. My highest desires are to safely educate people and offer superior products.”

From humble beginnings, through struggle, victory, grace, self-education, and success, David Shelton is indeed the NEW King of Kratom.

David Shelton
American Kratom Association - Kratom Consumer Council Captain District 1 -
"Texas Hemp Growers Association" Consultant
Personal Trainer, Nutritional and Alternative Supplement Guru