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Kratom King Owner, David K. Shelton, Wins Prestigious Honor as "Top 40 Under Forty" for the ETX View's Magazine Men In Business division!

Winners of ETX View's third annual 40 Under Forty awards have been announced.

After months of anticipation, all 40 winners were unveiled December 20th 2023, during a virtual presentation that premiered on the ETX View, Tyler Morning Telegraph, Longview News-Journal websites and each of their Facebook pages.

Shocked and elated Mr. Shelton received the news and honor of being selected as the Winner for the Men in Business division for the highly coveted "Top 40 Under Forty." I was a bit surprised and definitely humbled as all of my family watched the Winners announced in each division and finally announcing that I won!" Shelton said, "It was all God, the trials and tribulations and the ups and down of owning a chain of stores while raising a young family is a tremendous undertaking, and this definitely affirms that we're doing good business here at Kratom King in Longview and Tyler."

Shelton is quick to redirect any and all glory to God and Jesus Christ, "We know why we do what we do, and the mission God has us on but it's scary, you know? Putting God at the forefront of your business while having so much scrutiny and misinformation around what we do is an added pressure, but if it wasn't for Him, we wouldn't be here!" Shelton says, "This award solidifies young professionals making an impact in our communities locally and throughout Texas, and I am beyond honored to be a finalist, much less a Winner, alongside so many community members I respect and hold in high regard!"

In its third year, the East Texas community has grown to recognize ETX View's 40 Under Forty program as a premier way to honor young professionals in the region.

ETX View created the 40 Under Forty awards program in 2021 with a goal to recognize impactful East Texans who contribute to making the area a special place to live. The nominees are leaders in their fields. In over 40 categories of industry, the awards program aims to honor people from all different careers and walks of life.

The annual program begins with an online nomination phase, where the community can nominate any young professional who has achieved success, given back to East Texas and excelled in their field of expertise before the age of 40. Next is the voting phase, during which readers have the opportunity to vote daily for one of the three finalists in every category.

Lastly, winners are announced then prominently spotlighted in a keepsake publication. The 40 Under Forty magazine was released Friday, Dec. 22. Awards will be hand-delivered to the winners, or they can be picked up at the Tyler Morning Telegraph or Longview News-Journal newspaper offices during business hours.

Shelton says, "If I could give anyone any sort of advice, it would be to take the template of success and make it your own, trailblaze your own path, don't afraid to go after big dreams, and challenge yourself each and every day and be willing to work non-stop to make an impact, not just an impression!"

Kratom King Owner, David K Shelton, is Being Recognized as Top 40 Under 40 for Business in East Texas!

Kratom King Owner, David K Shelton, is Being Recognized as Top 40 Under 40 for Business in East Texas!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS is in Order for our fearless Owner and Leader of Kratom King, David K. Shelton, as he is now a Finalist in the "Men in Business" category of ETX View Magazine's 2023 "Top 40 Under 40" contest!

Nominations began in September for ETX View's third-annual awards ceremony, 40 Under Forty, which aims to recognize young, influential leaders across East Texas.
ETX View is proud to recognize young professionals who have achieved success and excelled in their field of expertise before the age of 40. ETX View invited East Texans to nominate individuals who demonstrated leadership and who show dedication in their professional careers and in their community service.

David is the Owner and CEO of Kratom King in Longview and Tyler, and he is being recognized along with other leaders due to his generosity and a having a heart to encourage and foster a sense of community in his business, with his Community Involvement and in everyday life. He is a dynamic and talented leader with an honest and straightforward approach to helping people find possible natural solutions! He explains "I have the honor to educate and help folks of all walks of life each and every day about natural alternatives and that's a fun venture that makes it easy to be passionate about!"

Results will be announced December 14th at the Top 40 Under 40 Ceremony! GOOD LUCK David!

A huge shout out to Kona Kratom for coming by and reviewing us!!!
They do this all over the country, unbeknownst to us, and we're honored! Here is what they said.

Rated 1: Kratom King

Kratom King is very well-known for having the best selection in both Kratom and CBD in Longview, Texas. It's definitely one of the most popular herbal supplement stores in the city, and you'll love the fact that all of their Kratom is lab-tested for quality and efficiency. It's always very potent and you'll quickly notice it for yourself while some of the best strains available inside are Yellow Vietnam "Gold Reserve" and Green Maeng Da "GREENade." We also like the employees working at Kratom King. They're always very polite and will always treat you with respect. The store's interior is also nice as it's always very clean and beautiful.

We love being the leaders in not only East Texas and Longview and the US! We will keep doing our part to continue to move this niche forward in the right direction!

Mac Haddow, President of the American Kratom Association, shares information that Kratom Consumers need to understand before hitting the "Buy Now" button. "Some of the cheap products were found to contain little to no Kratom at all! That results in little to no effect with possible contaminants." Haddow explained.

Here at Kratom King, we have been diligent and intentional from the start of our business to ensure all of our products follow GMP guidelines and that you get what you pay for! That's why we always say, if you try our superior product, you will need less powder or capsules for an even better effect! We prove that time and time again with repeat customers that try headshop or tobacco shop kratom, although may help to an extent, it isn't remotely similar to our exclusive line of products. We're proud of that and our return rate shows just that.

Kratom King's Owner Succeeds in Passing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Texas!

It is with astounding honor and blessing that our HARD WORK HAS PAID OFF! We at the Kratom Consumer Council were able to get the "Kratom Consumer Protection Act" passed in the state of Texas!!! Texas is the official 10th state to pass and recognize this crucial piece of legislation to ensure Kratom stays available and legal in this wonderful state!!
We have met with legislators, senators and governors over the years, and I have personally advocated and educated for its recognition as a natural , legitimate product that actually helps so many! Thank you to all those that worked tirelessly over the last decade to work through the misnomers and false narratives on what this is and how this is a tool with documented wonderful therapeutic potential!
I'm proud that we at Kratom King have been a part of that amazing journey since 2008!

We will continue our work making sure we provide and work with the best US Manufacturers and our exclusive plantation that follows GMP Guidelines and does things the RIGHT way, not to mention the best way!

Be ADVISED: More news and findings coming out soon that Mac Haddow, President of the American Kratom Association spoke about during our last KKC Captains call, including findings of multiple kratom distributors that are selling everything but actual kratom product! Yes, you read that right! Samples taken from stores and shelves including local retailers, that didn't contain actual Kratom.
That's why we always educate people on the different effects of inferior botanical products that are often fillers added to Indonesian suppliers. Which is actually nothing like REAL, quality Kratom.

We're always here to help, please let us know if have any questions.

Impending Ban for the State of Louisiana and Montana

New State ban hearing for the entire STATE of Louisiana is TUESDAY... be sure you're advocating and calling your representatives if this even remotely affects you! We've seen past situations where outlining states of bans then blindly jump on-board if and when things like this happen. Montana is about to ban it now as well!

*Now, with that being said, WE at Kratom King, along with AKA and KCC board-members are making some headway in our OWN state of Texas! Our goal is to keep this from becoming a reality, but we understand that things can change quickly!!! THIS is why Kratom costs are what they are, with regarding professional retailers & companies that follow GMP guidelines and those that are aware that they are actively advocating for its legality!!! So please, help us Advocate and join us if you can!

Continue to support and disband the false narratives and stereotypes that are simply not true, but that are perpetuated by the powers that be! Shop LOCAL, support LOCAL, support leaders and advocates instead of online distributors. All of that makes a difference and helps our people HERE IN OUR STATE of TEXAS!! Not to mention it helps our local communities for which we all want/need to thrive! Louisiana users are officially welcome to our shops in Longview and Tyler ANYTIME!!! ???

Dear Kratom King Customers,

Please be INFORMED... My honest and humble opinion is not an easy, politically correct, 1 sentence spurt. It's an overall perspective where I'm considering our business, the industry and the plant availability ITSELF. I LOVE KRATOM! Plain and simple, no razzle dazzle or deep esoteric thoughts or theories. Simply supply and demand. I am aware of MANY facets working against us in this industry, especially as of recent.

I am honored to serve as District 1 Captain of the Kratom Consumer Council for the American Kratom Association. There are some concerning possibilities that are on the horizon for supply and demand, not to mention legality issues. This could cause our supply to change and change fast! I've had the pleasure of meeting with FDA Scientists in late 2021 and they were very clear on their future ideas about the possibilities with the Kratom Plant and synthetically making a pharmaceutical they are planning to bring on the market in 2024!

They're some MAJOR factors that cause Kratom to become very hard to come by. I'd be remiss to not be open about how fragile and precarious this niche of the market is, espeically right now. Much more fragile than what most suppliers and distributors and certainly retailers imagine. I highly encourage you to be IN TUNE with Kratom King and our social media pages right now. Now, we've had some wins in the recent weeks, but also some stressful situations. My best advice, continue to stock up when you can! Not only do you end up saving more than 50% when you buy in bulk with us, but you can have what you need if the supply becomes scarce.

Remember, we aren't a distributor and we're not your typical headshop, we're a industry leader, advocate and creator. By the grace of God we've been able to weather some tough storms, and we're more than grateful for that.

The article below was just released from the American Kratom Association, AKA, and as the District 1 Captain for the Kratom Consumer Council. I continue to get a peak at the broader picture that isn't being discussed regionally or even nationally due to the restrictions and sanctions currently being held for this industry! The key is to stay informed and stay close to the ones that are advocating for this industry. See article below:

"The year feels like it just started, but already many state legislatures will be ending their sessions soon and March is packed with legislation activity (in addition to college basketball).
There's an immense amount of work for us to do in coming weeks, with lots of kratom legislation hanging in the balance. End of session successes over the last few years have helped us build to where we are now, so it's important we finish this round strong to avoid immediate problems and make meaningful gains.
Let's recap what's happened in kratom protection just on a state level alone with your help.

South Carolina still has a ban bill under consideration, and we know Louisiana will have one filed once their legislature opens next month
Over 23 states have kratom protection legislation still unresolved this session including: Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts
Current ban states and localities like Indiana, Arkansas, and San Diego City are reconsidering their bans, but we have a lot of education work and FDA misinformation to dispel

So we're asking for you to help us win this month, protect consumers, and keep kratom from being banned in any state!
Together we've stopped new bans and will repeal old ones, and ensure consumer protection across America!"

Longview Chamber of Commerce June Business After Hours Event

On June 21st, 2022, we had over 100 people attend Kratom King's "Business After Hours" event last month, the event is sponsored in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and different local businesses. Catering was provided by Perfect Catering and our beverages were provided by Giglio and R&K Distributors, all local businesses of Longview. The Longview Chamber of Commerce offers to focus on 12 different, local companies each year and Kratom King jumped at the opportunity to host the June spot to do our part to help the Longview economy thrive. This event is a time for business professionals and loyal customers alike to come together to show support and learn about local businesses. Our owner was involved in the Longview Chamber Ambassador program in years past, even serving as Chairman for a few years. The Chamber is set up in such a way as to allow all types of businesses to get the word out and they understand how important it is to showcase different entrepreneurs and local folks. They understand what Kratom King's mission is, and how they can take part in championing the worthwhile cause. Professional snapshots were taken by Vizcre8ve of Longview.

Thank you from the owners:

"We cannot express the sense of gratitude we feel with our June Business After Hours event last Tuesday! We had roughly 100 people that came through, we had FANTASTIC food from Perfect Catering and our Step and Repeat Red carpet for which many got their picture made!

From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate each of you and the support of my local community. We couldn't do this without you. Ultimately, we couldn't have done any of this without God. He's the real KING at Kratom King. We love you all and if I can help out in any way, you know where we'll be!"

Kratom King
David & Tenae

Cannabis compounds stopped COVID virus from infecting human cells in lab study

The two compounds commonly found in hemp - called cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA - were identified during a chemical screening effort as having potential to combat coronavirus, researchers from Oregon State University said. In the study, they bound to spike proteins found on the virus and blocked a step the pathogen uses to infect people.

Kratom King in Longview and Tyler now Largest Vendor for Rowe Casa in East Texas!

Rowe Casa Organics was born in 2017 when Jill Rowe started creating all-natural remedies at home to help keep her family of five healthy. As these remedies started working, she told her friends about them, and soon the Rowes had cars lining up on their street to pick up products! Rowe Casa Organics has grown a lot since then, fulfilling more than 30,000 orders and offering a wide range of incredible products born out of countless hours of research, product development, and testing. They're dedicated to empowering people to improve their immune systems, balance hormones, improve sleep, take care of themselves, and even spruce up their households-all naturally.

What is the Price of Your Kratom?

Our pricing is intentionally structured for a multitude of reasons; number 1 being because products are consistently and rigorously tested for quality, contaminants, fillers, organic and nonorganic by-products. We always suggest our new customers take a look at our Google reviews on our website to understand our reputation. Our exclusive products and pricing are set up so that the more you buy, the more you save. At Kratom King we made it our Mission to get a handle on the farmer-to-customer process by implementing our "Cradle to Grave" philosophy, that includes managing and regulating the entire process, from our exclusive farms to processing, including manufactures that properly dry and process our Kratom, down to our incessant trials and testing of each batch, seeking specific alkaloid profiles for ideal mitragynine percentages.
We cut out the middleman or distributor to have control over each cog in the wheel. For your safety and our peace of mind. We look at where our products are within the season, where they grow on the tree, what part of the farm for which they grow, what our soil is doing each season, down to our drying facilities. Ultimately, we test batches and predominantly focus on the effects we are looking to obtain with each strain. If one doesn't meet our high standards, it doesn't make it on our shelf. It's that simple. We take our Kratom seriously here and that shows with our finished leaf. This helps us be able to custom tailor the right strain for each person, instead of a "catch-all" mentality. Kratom is unique in nature, so although it might test well with a particular sub-group and effects, our staff have applicable knowledge on what you can expect and finding the right strain consistently.
Our goal has always been to introduce, educate and offer the world the absolute BEST Kratom the world has ever seen. Other local retailers, distributors and wholesalers are not testing their products for vein efficacy, quality and ultimately safety. That worries us. We are at the helm of the industry with real world knowledge of the effects, mechanism of action and how to treat this traditional herb. That means you will take less for an even better effect. Our 5 Star reviews speak for themselves!

I buy directly from suppliers in Indonesia. Is that okay?

Most people aren't aware that most locations where Kratom is grown is a third world country, their standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP guidelines) are severely lacking and not anything like what is required here in the states. Most farmers dry their leaves in ways that are questionable and rushed at best, and that shows in the finished product. The amount of trust some Kratom users put into their suppliers is astounding and in a lot of cases they've paid the price. They often will fake laboratory results showing numbers that are just simply not true! We put our name on our Kratom for a reason. The adage is true, "you get what you pay for!"
We will not skimp a product people consume. We will never run discounts on products just to push them out the door. If a supplier is incentivizing someone to buy in bulk or by the kilo, run and RUN fast!

Why is there such a range on pricing depending on the time of year or by Suppliers?

That's a FANTASTIC question and everyone really needs to be cognizant of this, the "rainy season" in Indonesia is roughly from October to April. When the Kratom grows abundantly but very weak! That's when you see the Kratom distributors offering "discounts" or have "sales" on their Kratom, it is often because they are pushing their worst product and making way for the Dry Season product, which is far superior and gets more expensive as the quality increases.
An abundance of rain causes alkaloid levels to plummet, not to mention shelved dry leaves easily become infested and/or moldy, we don't want that for our customers!

I've received Kratom that smelled/tasted/looked different, or didn't work from another vendor? Is it legit?

This is one of the MOST popular statements we receive when people come visit us for the first time. They are tired of trying to find a product that works and is consistent with effects/quality. This is because there are multiple different ways to farm and dry Kratom leaves, there is a lot of debate on which way is the best without destroying the alkaloids, even some farmers adding things onto the leaves to expedite the process. This makes us very uncomfortable, and we don't allow anything to added to our Kratom to speed up the drying.
Depending on the farm they may lay them out in the elements and allow day and night to come being exposed to the open air, animals and more. Some farmers don't even have dry houses or enough space to do so! We kiln dry our leaves. That makes a major difference in process, taking longer and more costly but producing a perfectly controlled manufacturing protocol for the leaves to reach their absolute full potential.

What is Sakae Naa or Combretum Quandrangulare?

Combretum quadrangulare or "Sakae Naa" is a small tree of the family Combretaceae, these trees grow up to 30 feet high. The tree grows wildly or is planted in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. The tree is planted along the banks of rivers or "arroyos" for firing and often around Kratom Trees. Farmers will add subpar additives like this and fillers into their Kratom, to add weight and volume to their offerings. This results in most products bought directly from farmers having downright abysmal alkaloid profiles and sometimes dangerous contaminants, this results in less than desirable effects. Some people claim it gives them a negative, stimulant, coffee-like feeling but with no pain relief or the good feelings Kratom is known for.

How is Kratom King different than all the other vendors out there?

At Kratom King, new users and connoisseurs alike appreciate 100% exclusive Kratom powder and capsules. We tirelessly work directly with our processors and growers to provide the most reliable and unique products. Kratom King is not a prepackaged reseller. Our products are offered exclusively at our brick-and-mortar stores in Longview and Tyler, Texas. Not to mention our Owner is the Kratom King himself and has studied with the best in the industry to educate people of all backgrounds about Kratom and it's many uses. His staff are all extensively trained Kratom guru's that truly understand these products and his level of expectation. We always suggest trying a few different strains to see how your body reacts to it, then when you find your preferred strain, you can buy in larger quantities.

Sign Our Petition: Tell WebMD CEO to stop acting as an agent of the FDA in their attacks on kratom.

Official Statement From the American Kratom Association


HHS cites significant risk of immediate adverse public health consequences to potentially millions of users if kratom or its components are included in Schedule I

JANUARY 28, 2021-Washington, DC-Congressman Mark Pocan (WI) and Congressman Morgan Griffith, in exercising their oversight responsibilities over the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), discovered that on August 16, 2018 HHS had rescinded the request for the kratom to be classified as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

In the HHS letter to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) HHS recommended that "mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine not be controlled at this time, either temporarily or permanently, until scientific research can sufficiently support such an action." The FDA had made a recommendation for scheduling of kratom on August 31, 2016 that was subsequently withdrawn by the DEA on October 13, 2016 for insufficiency of evidence to support the scheduling under the CSA, and FDA submitted its second recommendation on October 17, 2017 that has been withdrawn by HHS because the scientific research did not justify the scheduling.

HHS concluded that "there is a significant risk of immediate adverse public health consequences to potentially millions of users if kratom or its components are included in Schedule I." The HHS letter outlined 5 specific criteria for "further analysis and public input regarding kratom" before any scheduling should be undertaken. Since the issuance of the recission letter, additional compelling research has further undermined the FDA's claims on the safety and abuse potential for kratom.

"Despite this formal action by HHS, the FDA has failed to make this action public and continued to allow the public; policy makers at the federal, state, and local levels; and the media to believe its recommendation for schedule kratom was actively being considered by DEA despite the fact the science did not support that action," stated Mac Haddow, Senior Fellow on Public Policy for the American Kratom Assocation (AKA). "The FDA abandoned its mandate to protect the public health and instead stood silent for more than 2 1⁄2 years while the opioid overdose crisis deepened, particulary in the midst of the spike in overdose deaths related on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all while HHS had concluded kratom could have helped those using highly lethal opioids."

From the Desk of the Kratom King

From the Desk of the Kratom King

Hello Kratom King Family,
Upon beginning this endeavor, we had a decision to make, be the biggest supplier or be the BEST. After a few short months of opening, we saw an underserved niche in the industry, a higher quality product with the knowledge and passion for Kratom. It was then we decided on being the best instead of the largest and boy, are we glad we DID!

We fully understand that there are suppliers out there in our communities and hundreds of National and International online vendors from which to choose, however, we found no one to have the quality of products that we wanted to offer our customers when it comes to Kratom. Our strains are carefully curated from vendors that are not local and have agreed to exclusive contracts with only us! As you know, Exclusivity is important because you are getting a superior, safe, lab-tested, CONSISTENT product day in and day out. We understand our pricing may be different than some vendors that sell mixed, blended, even adulterated or simply lesser quality products, some of which contain alternative cuts of the leaf, stems and other organic (even non-organic) elements to make a larger profit. Look up Combretum quadrangulare, that is all we will say about that. We simply are not motivated by that approach.

With that being said, our products are not the same as any other Kratom products currently sold in the industry, even with the same name! It is because I named them myself! I tested and named them based on where they grow, how the leaves are dried and the colors for which they come. If you do find a product online with the same name i.e. "Gold Reserve, King Rush," We GUARANTEE that IT IS NOT our product, unless, it is our Kratom King brand and on our OWN website As of now, we do NOT distribute our Kratom to ANY other Suppliers and/or websites! Just keep that in mind.

We focus on the BEST supreme nano-kratom that is refined and lab reported safe with the HIGHEST alkaloid levels possible. We will continue to offer our best to the public with an unmatched in-store buying experience.

We love you; we care about you and appreciate each and every one of you!

Kratom King

Rowe Casa's Elderberry and Antioxidant Product Got our Family back to Health and back to the Basics

We've been Rowe Casa Fans since late 2019, during that time our entire family got the dreaded virus and we immediately started doing our own research and found that Rowe products are all natural, ZERO BPA, liposomal wellness tonics and family health products that could help us GET better and STAY better!"

We personally understand and have tried almost ALL of their products and many of them have saved us from some health scares through this time. Please contact us and if you need help understanding and finding the right products for you.

This is the new American Kratom Association Advocacy commercial airing on multiple networks educating people on how Kratom has helped our most beloved, Veterans! - November 12, 2020