Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia.

Where does Kratom come from?

Kratom is indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea, where it has been used in traditional medicines since at least the nineteenth century.

What is the Price of Your Kratom?

Our pricing is intentionally structured for a multitude of reasons; number 1 being because products are consistently and rigorously tested for quality, contaminants, fillers, organic and nonorganic by-products. We always suggest our new customers take a look at our Google reviews on our website to understand our reputation. Our exclusive products and pricing are set up so that the more you buy, the more you save. At Kratom King we made it our Mission to get a handle on the farmer-to-customer process by implementing our "Cradle to Grave" philosophy, that includes managing and regulating the entire process, from our exclusive farms to processing, including manufactures that properly dry and process our Kratom, down to our incessant trials and testing of each batch, seeking specific alkaloid profiles for ideal mitragynine percentages.
We cut out the middleman or distributor to have control over each cog in the wheel. For your safety and our peace of mind. We look at where our products are within the season, where they grow on the tree, what part of the farm for which they grow, what our soil is doing each season, down to our drying facilities. Ultimately, we test batches and predominantly focus on the effects we are looking to obtain with each strain. If one doesn't meet our high standards, it doesn't make it on our shelf. It's that simple. We take our Kratom seriously here and that shows with our finished leaf. This helps us be able to custom tailor the right strain for each person, instead of a "catch-all" mentality. Kratom is unique in nature, so although it might test well with a particular sub-group and effects, our staff have applicable knowledge on what you can expect and finding the right strain consistently.
Our goal has always been to introduce, educate and offer the world the absolute BEST Kratom the world has ever seen. Other local retailers, distributors and wholesalers are not testing their products for vein efficacy, quality and ultimately safety. That worries us. We are at the helm of the industry with real world knowledge of the effects, mechanism of action and how to treat this traditional herb. That means you will take less for an even better effect. Our 5 Star reviews speak for themselves!

I buy directly from suppliers in Indonesia. Is that okay?

Most people aren't aware that most locations where Kratom is grown is a third world country, their standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP guidelines) are severely lacking and not anything like what is required here in the states. Most farmers dry their leaves in ways that are questionable and rushed at best, and that shows in the finished product. The amount of trust some Kratom users put into their suppliers is astounding and in a lot of cases they've paid the price. They often will fake laboratory results showing numbers that are just simply not true! We put our name on our Kratom for a reason. The adage is true, "you get what you pay for!"
We will not skimp a product people consume. We will never run discounts on products just to push them out the door. If a supplier is incentivizing someone to buy in bulk or by the kilo, run and RUN fast!

Why is there such a range on pricing depending on the time of year or by Suppliers?

That's a FANTASTIC question and everyone really needs to be cognizant of this, the "rainy season" in Indonesia is roughly from October to April. When the Kratom grows abundantly but very weak! That's when you see the Kratom distributors offering "discounts" or have "sales" on their Kratom, it is often because they are pushing their worst product and making way for the Dry Season product, which is far superior and gets more expensive as the quality increases.
An abundance of rain causes alkaloid levels to plummet, not to mention shelved dry leaves easily become infested and/or moldy, we don't want that for our customers!

I've received Kratom that smelled/tasted/looked different, or didn't work from another vendor? Is it legit?

This is one of the MOST popular statements we receive when people come visit us for the first time. They are tired of trying to find a product that works and is consistent with effects/quality. This is because there are multiple different ways to farm and dry Kratom leaves, there is a lot of debate on which way is the best without destroying the alkaloids, even some farmers adding things onto the leaves to expedite the process. This makes us very uncomfortable, and we don't allow anything to added to our Kratom to speed up the drying.
Depending on the farm they may lay them out in the elements and allow day and night to come being exposed to the open air, animals and more. Some farmers don't even have dry houses or enough space to do so! We kiln dry our leaves. That makes a major difference in process, taking longer and more costly but producing a perfectly controlled manufacturing protocol for the leaves to reach their absolute full potential.

What is Sakae Naa or Combretum Quandrangulare?

Combretum quadrangulare or "Sakae Naa" is a small tree of the family Combretaceae, these trees grow up to 30 feet high. The tree grows wildly or is planted in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. The tree is planted along the banks of rivers or "arroyos" for firing and often around Kratom Trees. Farmers will add subpar additives like this and fillers into their Kratom, to add weight and volume to their offerings. This results in most products bought directly from farmers having downright abysmal alkaloid profiles and sometimes dangerous contaminants, this results in less than desirable effects. Some people claim it gives them a negative, stimulant, coffee-like feeling but with no pain relief or the good feelings Kratom is known for.

How is Kratom King different than all the other vendors out there?

At Kratom King, new users and connoisseurs alike appreciate 100% exclusive Kratom powder and capsules. We tirelessly work directly with our processors and growers to provide the most reliable and unique products. Kratom King is not a prepackaged reseller. Our products are offered exclusively at our brick-and-mortar stores in Longview and Tyler, Texas. Not to mention our Owner is the Kratom King himself and has studied with the best in the industry to educate people of all backgrounds about Kratom and it's many uses. His staff are all extensively trained Kratom guru's that truly understand these products and his level of expectation. We always suggest trying a few different strains to see how your body reacts to it, then when you find your preferred strain, you can buy in larger quantities.

Is Kratom legal?

Kratom is legal in the state of Texas to buy, sell and consume. As with all supplements, this product is not regulated by the FDA.

How do I use Kratom?

Kratom is often used as a tea. It is also used in the raw form, crushed dried leaf, or in capsules.

What are the effects of Kratom?

Since it is related to the coffee plant, the effects are similar to caffeine with a pain relieving aspect reported by many. Many users believe this leaf is a natural alternative to pain killers.

How can I order Kratom?

Kratom can be purchased in our store and online or by calling our store. We cannot ship to any states where Kratom is illegal.

How do I choose the right Kratom strain?

We carry roughly 20 different strains of Kratom, with some strains offering more pain relief, some energy and some relaxation. Feel free to check out our Kratom page here or give us a call.